Glocal Industries is a venture which has been established with a vision of empowering the individuals, society, country, and the world in more than one ways. It is, in essence, a service conglomerate which encompasses a wide range of professional services for the individuals and the organizations of all natures and types i.e. SMEs, Private firms, Public Corporations, Government Bodies, etc.

The Vision statement

Empowering Individuals to lead at a higher level and making organizations kinetic in nature to ensure the sustainable growth of each stakeholder”

describes the very purpose of Glocal Industries which itself is kinetic in nature. The vision of this organization is having both inward and outward approach; it lives the vision for itself and for the clients, too. It is committed to bring about a holistic change and establishment of the leadership in the individuals and the organizations.

Some of the severe problems of individuals and the organizations in the corporate world, governmental set-ups are the lack of competence, absence of professionalism, non-productivity, personal-and-work-life imbalance, attrition, dissatisfaction, etc. The central to all these problems is “the gap between requirements and skills”. Either individuals lack the skills or there’s no right-fit-job or organization for them. To bridge the gap, there requires an approach which empowers the individuals with required skills and make the organization a better place to work so that both the parties grow mutually while satisfying the whole set-up of stakeholders.

With a view to this, Glocal Industries have been found and is led by new breeds of the ignited leaders. It has got a strong back-up of veterans of the business industries, academics, governmental organizations, & people leaders. We believe in offering the best in the class services and programmes are not the one-size-fits all, rather it are customized as per the needs and requirements of each-one. We are global in nature but serve each and every one locally and that’s why we are called Glocal Industries.

We believe in participative leadership and thus call each and every human being and organization to partner with us to create the leaders and the organizations which serve the true purposes of their very existence and make this world a real global and better place.


Our mission is very simple and clear. We just wish to offer world class, innovative, promising and career oriented academic as well as professional programmes through inclusive technically-aided pedagogy to train our students with the requisite professional as well as social sensitivity garnished with high sense of ethics.

Glocal commerce will strive for creating professionally groomed teaching-learning stimulating environment. Moreover it will carry on plethora of activities which have bearing on the socio-economic & cultural development of state and nation.